Simple Pregnancy Skin Care Products You Need Now

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Even though I’m fully experiencing my third trimester symptoms – brain fog, foul heartburn, inability to stay awake – the one thing I won’t let myself ignore is the skincare routine I’ve perfected in over the past eight months. But first, let’s go back to November 2021, before I learned that I was pregnant. I had Botox appointments lined up like my life depended on it, I had just finished my tube of prescription tretinoin cream and I was about to do things to my face that weren’t very favorable to the pregnancy. However, once I found out I was pregnant, I quickly shifted gears, put my retinol prescription on hold, and halted my Botox appointments.

I will be the first to say that I am by no means a skincare expert. My expertise is in fashion, so I frequently reach out to my friend and Who What Wear Beauty Director, Caitie Schlisserman, for advice before diving into new products, and I always consult my doctor if anything worries me. So when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to give my skin a minute to react to the pregnancy before I started anything new. My skin is usually oily, but hormonal changes during pregnancy quickly made my skin dry, and I realized I needed pregnancy-friendly moisturizers that were clean (but not super clean – I agree with certain chemicals) that would provide my skin with some preventative care. After following a few accounts (ahem, Jenna Rennert’s Pregnancy Routine) and getting the go-ahead from some pros and experts, I was finally able to customize a routine that suited my needs.


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