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Single Dad Is Doing His Best To Raise His Daughter List 7 Things People Should Stop Saying To Him

A single father from Australia has revealed seven things mothers often tell him whenever he goes out with his daughter, highlighting the double standards in today’s society.

Do you know any single dads? Seeing single moms is more common than seeing single dads. For this reason, many people find it strange to see a man taking care of his daughter alone in a public space.

Curious to know why a man takes care of his daughter alone, people often ask annoying questions. The hero of our story also went through something similar, so he decided to address the issue by revealing seven frustrating things that other mothers have often said to him.


Since 2014, Michael Ray from Australia has been caring for his daughter, Charlie, on his own after her mother left. However, he had no idea that other mothers would comment and judge him every time they saw him with Charlie in public.

Ray, a former boxer working as a personal trainer, never made Charlie feel his mother’s absence. He did her hair, helped her choose outfits, took her to ballet lessons, and taught her manners and skills that would help her in the future.

When the father-daughter duo visited malls and restaurants, he accompanied her to the bathroom, catching everyone’s attention. Strangers looked at him with wide eyes, while mothers commented on his parenting choices.


Ray’s experience as a single father has taught him that some parents are prejudiced against single fathers. He said they might be doing it unconsciously, but he felt the discrimination was more directed at single fathers of daughters. He said:

“The women are mostly supportive, but some say condescending things, like ‘how are you doing? It’s like any single parent.”

Ray also said that most of the women he met were very considerate, but many saw his situation as abnormal. He felt that people should consider her case like that of single mothers.

Many parents were sure that Ray would need the help of a woman when Charlie hit puberty.


While caring for his daughter in public places, Ray met many parents. He revealed the most common question people asked him when they saw him with Charlie:

“Are you babysitting today?”

Hearing this question, Ray wondered why people assume that a man who takes care of his child is babysitting. He wanted people to understand that some men are the only ones looking after their children so they wouldn’t ask such questions.


As much as Ray enjoys taking Charlie to the hairdresser, he despises similar questions other parents ask him there. He shared the “rude” question people asked him:

“Do you want to call your wife and check?”

Another occasion when people talk about Ray’s wife is when they see Charlie rocking a great hairstyle while flaunting his colorful nails.

“Who takes care of his hair and nails? they would ask. Many people assumed that Charlie’s mother dressed her, not knowing that Ray watched several YouTube videos to learn how to do different types of braids.


Seeing Ray take care of Charlie like a pro was amazing to a lot of people. They often asked him how he managed to take care of her alone and also said:

“Every little girl needs her mom!”

Ray disagreed with those comments and said no one told single moms their boys needed their dad. He revealed he really enjoys taking care of his daughter, no matter if that means he has to sit and play with Barbie dolls.


Many parents thought Ray would need the help of a woman when Charlie hit puberty, but he disagreed. He said he shared a close bond with her and if he stayed the same, they wouldn’t feel embarrassed discussing puberty-related issues. Some people asked him another question along the same lines:

“I bet you would have liked a son?”

Although Ray didn’t know where this question came from, he assumed that people must have asked it because of his qualifications. He assumed that people must think that working as a coach made him better able to raise a boy. Ray revealed he often bought flowers for his daughter, making sure she knew he wasn’t as “macho” as he looked.


In 2016, Ray faced another problem raising Charlie as a single father. He had to talk to the management of a dance school to change the rule prohibiting men from entering the locker room.

After learning the rule, Ray felt sad, thinking he wouldn’t be there with Charlie when she needed him most. He wanted to be in the dressing room with her before her performance at the annual ballet concert.

A worried Ray wrote down his concerns in an email he sent to a school staff member. He told them that Charlie had had no contact with his mother for the past two years and that he was his only caregiver, asking them to cancel their rule because he wanted to calm Charlie’s nerves behind the scenes. .

The Amazing Single Dad

Ray was thrilled that someone finally understood his struggles when the school administration changed their rule, allowing him to accompany Charlie to the locker room. He said:

“It means everything to me to be the father of this little child. I have never been so proud or happy since she arrived.”

Since it is not common to see single fathers, people subconsciously think that such men do not exist. Ray’s story reminds us not to judge men when we see them tending to their children in a public space.

If you know single dads like Ray who take care of their kids, share this story with them. They would relate to all the questions people asked Ray.

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