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Single Man Notices His Baby Being Rejected By Everyone And Believes He Will Die Soon, Struggles To Become His Father

When a bachelor visited an orphanage in his free time, someone caught his eye. He had no intention of adopting a child, but after seeing a helpless boy lying in the corner, he desperately wanted to help – read their heartbreaking story.

Good Samaritans are all around us and their kindness makes the world a better place. However, their noble deeds are sometimes misunderstood and can leave people confused.

It happened to Aditya Tiwari, a software engineer with a heart of gold. He took the time to distribute sweets to needy children, unaware that a visit to the local orphanage would change his life forever.

Aditya Tiwari and Avnish. | Source: facebook.com/aditya.tiwari.5682

They met by chance

Tiwari visited an orphanage in 2014 and he quickly noticed an ignored and lonely baby. He was curious about the five-month-old and asked one of the caretakers for more information.

They informed him that the youngster named Avnish had Down syndrome and gave a bad prognosis for his life, suggesting that he would probably soon die at the orphanage.

The director also said that every child in the orphanage would find a forever home, except for Avnish, as no one wanted to adopt him.


However, Tiwari saw hope when he looked into the Avnish’s eyes, and when he picked it up, the youngster laughed. The bachelor said they “just clicked” then.

His chance meeting with the child kept playing in his mind, so he made a bold and courageous decision. The young bachelor decided to pay another visit to the orphanage, and this time he had a clear mission: he wanted to adopt the little boy.

Unfortunately, when Tiwari shared her wishes with the orphanage staff, they laughed at him and said a man under 30 couldn’t adopt. His requests were denied, but he fought relentlessly and ignored criticism.


Tiwari was shocked at the way the orphanage handled the situation and he believed they were hiding something from him. He stated: “I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t give up.”

The young man visited the orphanage frequently, spent time with Avnish, and asked many questions about the child’s records and health.

The bachelor noticed the director’s “questionable” answers, so he did some extensive research and discovered that the Avnish baby was undocumented. Tiwari knew the youngster was in danger and took the case to the Minister of Social Affairs, who accelerated his file.


Working with the authorities, Tiwari helped close the doors of the orphanage and helped other children find safer institutions. Finally, in 2016, he brought his son home.

He battled legal issues and societal norms that suggested he couldn’t raise a child alone, and ultimately he shared that the fight was worth it because Avnish was “the best thing that ever happened to [him].”


Tiwari had a simple answer when people asked him why he wanted to adopt a child and specifically chose Avnish. The bachelor said: “My son has Down syndrome and needed treatment. That’s exactly why I wanted to adopt him.

“At first it was not easy for people to accept what I did. My family discouraged me. The same people appreciated my efforts later when they saw me achieve what I was aiming for. “said the proud father.


Tiwari provided Avnish with love and security and gave him a life no one would have imagined possible. Although he was young and single, Tiwari provided his child with an excellent environment for his development.

He shared:

“It was the happiest time of my life. I was living alone so I secured my house, spent nights figuring out how to change diapers and how to take care of babies with Down syndrome.”

Tiwari described the day her son arrived home as “the sun [that] enters [his] life.” The care and concern he had for Avnish helped heal the pain the child had endured at the orphanageproving that love is a powerful force.


The trajectory of Tiwari’s whole life changed when he met Avnish by chance. The lonely orphan quickly crept into his heart and went on to light up his father’s life.

The proud dad also revealed that his son teaches him new things every day. Despite his medical condition, he learned to walk quickly and enjoyed socializing.

Tiwari added:

“Avnish is a very happy child…I’m sure when you look at his pictures you won’t be able to recognize that he is indeed a child with special needs.”

Thanks to Tiwari’s refusal to give up, he and his son have a good life. Avnish even enrolled in preschool, and his father was immensely proud of his progress and excited to share their story with others.

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