Sri Venkateswara College ENDS LINKS with Sonnet Cricket Club after 20 years, Rishabh Pant “disheartened” ASKS college to reconsider



Rishabh Pant: Delhi’s iconic Sonnet Cricket Club has produced many high quality cricketers and nurtured young talent for over 5 decades.…

Rishabh pants: Delhi’s iconic Sonnet Cricket Club has produced many high quality cricketers and nurtured young talent for over 5 decades. However, the club recently received an expulsion notice from Sri Venkateswara College, which disappointed many young cricketers, including the club’s most famous alumnus, Rishabh Pant. Follow live Indian cricket updates on InsideSport.IN.

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The club was founded in 1969 by Dronacharya-winning coach Tarak Sinha who trained 12 Indian cricketers including Rishabh Pant at the club. Over the years, the club has produced several prominent cricketers including current Lucknow Super Giants player Ayush Badoni and Mumbai Indians star Hrithik Shokeen.

The club has been based at various locations over the years including Birla School, Ajmal Khan Park, DCM Ground, PGDAV College and others. However, for 22 years, the club has been based at Sri Venkateswara College, where it has trained several young cricketers.

However, the club have now been forced out of the college premises after the new management of Sri Venkateswara College decided not to renew their lease. The move left many people disappointed, including Rishabh Pant, who grew up playing cricket at Sonnet Club.

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Citing a TOI reporter’s tweet, Pant asked the board of Sri Venkateswara College to reconsider.

“It is so disheartening to see my club which has produced so many international cricketers over the years and continues to do so, received an expulsion notice. It has played a major role in shaping my career cricket and many others like me. It’s like a home for all of us.

“We have always followed the rules established by the college. I would like to ask the governing bodies of Venkateshwara College to reconsider this as Sonnet club is not just a club, it is like a heritage institution and a home for so many aspiring cricketers,” Pant tweeted.

Meanwhile, the academy called the move a ‘black day’ for cricket and urged the college administration to reconsider as it does not have a training ground.

Notably, the club’s agreement with the college was terminated in September 2022 and but they were using the college ground on an extension.

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