Sydney Sweeney and Elsa Hosk wore this risque bikini trend

New York bikini season is always slightly behind LA for obvious reasons, which gives me, as an East Coaster, a chance to see what new trends are going to be big before the first beau day. It also shows me what old trends return for a second time. And while I’ve already noticed tons of cool swimwear styles to invest in for the summer, there’s one bikini trend from last year that’s even more of a splash than any of its newer alternatives. : the bikini inside out.

If you thought you’d escaped summer 2021 without ever having to flip your string bikini, you were sadly mistaken. See, the flip-flop swimwear trend has already caught on in 2022 — and it’s not even May yet. In the past week alone, model Elsa Hosk and Euphoria Actress Sydney Sweeney both posted photos to their Instagram accounts featuring the controversial bikini hack. And after the 2021 screening — which included Paloma Elsesser, Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian, among others — it would be naïve of us to assume they’ll be the only two to release them this year. Presumably, they’re just the first of many celebs to tie their bikini tops upside down now that the warm weather is approaching.

Ahead, see how Hosk and Sweeney are wearing the highly controversial swimwear trend in 2022.


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