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Tappan Collective x Nordstrom pop-up aims to make fine art accessible

Nordstrom isn’t just where you go for seasonal sales or holiday giveaways – over the past few years the mega-retailer has established itself as an incubator for new talent and boasts a diverse roster of designers to a mass audience. And we’re not just talking about names in the beauty and fashion spaces — the same approach extends to the home and lifestyle category, where Nordstrom’s Vice President of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim, collaborates with creatives from all over. the country to bring them into the Nordström Fold.

This is where Tappan Collective comes in, a talent agency founded in 2012 by Chelsea Neman Nassib dedicated to nurturing the careers of emerging contemporary artists. It’s also the latest brand to “appear” at Nordstrom, with a selection of its artists showcasing their work online and at ten Nordstroms across the US and Canada – New York, Chicago, Austin, San Jose, South Coast Plaza, Bellevue, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver.

The partnership between Tappan Collective and Nordstrom is pure synergy: the two aim to find new ways to connect designers and creatives to new audiences. Chelsea Nassib says Charm how amazing it is to partner with Nordstrom because it’s “another way to introduce new people to art and showcase the incredible work of working artists.” There’s nothing quite like seeing the brushstrokes of a painting or the molds and curves of a sculpture up close, especially if you’ve only seen it via a small pixelated square before. (The same can be said for a jacket or bag you’ve been eyeing forever and finally can see in person – it’s a game changer.)

The art featured in the collection ranges from a $380 Marleigh Culver print to a $10,000 neon sculpture by Ali Beletic – a range that will appeal to both art lovers and seasoned collectors, as Nassib think “you can find amazing art at any price”. ”

Nordstrom’s website features the full collection, but each pop-up has its own vibe based on its location, with QR codes next to each piece, making it easier to discover the artists and their work. “New York is fun and edgy,” says Nassib. “Los Angeles and Dallas are more airy and warm.”

In addition to art, there is also merchandising and an objectively photogenic curation of home decor to shop. The pop-up ends October 3, so check out some of our favorite pieces below, then head over to Nordstrom to shop the full collection.

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