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Taylor Swift messed up ‘Gorgeous’ lyrics in Atlanta



Of the roughly 80,000 people in attendance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for the Eras Tour on Saturday night, maybe five of them would have screwed up the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song. Best guess of the top four? Maybe three Swiftie dads and a grumpy 90-year-old stadium usher? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ The fifth however, is not just wild speculation based on imaginary stereotypes of people seen not having fun at concerts. In an M. Night Shyamalan-level twist, that person turned out to be Taylor Swift herself.

As usual, Taylor played two surprise songs during the acoustic set. The first was “High Infidelity, which was Eras Tour’s least surprising surprise song choice to date, given that Saturday was High Infidelity Day, thanks to prominent mentions of April 29 in the lyrics. The second was “Gorgeous,” which was thematically on point, as it tells another side of the story that unfolded on that fateful April 29 (or so many Swiftian scholars believe). , including yours).

When it was time to play “Gorgeous” on the piano, Taylor had her tongue tied during the first pre-chorus (but honestly only lightly and very adorably). Here are the lyrics she sang:

“Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine / You ruined my life by not being mine.”

She mixed these lyrics with those of the second pre-chorus of the song:

“Ocean blue eyes, looking into mine / I feel like I could sink, drown and die.”

The result was “Whiskey on ice, look—Sunset—no wait, wait, wait, wait, wait”, then the slightest embarrassment and the most heartfelt laugh when she realized she had mixed up the lyrics and s was explained by disentangling them.

“Is it ‘whiskey’ first or is it ‘sunset’ first?” she asks the crowd, who chant “WHISKEY!” dutifully and in perfect unison (minus those verified imaginaries Swiftie Dads and Grumpy Usher, of course). “What’s first? Whiskey, right? Yeah.”

But Taylor hasn’t been bothered by any other snafus the Eras tour has thrown at her so far (including, but not limited to, a mid-song wardrobe malfunction, technical difficulties that entertained the crowd with cat jokes, and, of course, all the emotions she dealt with amid her breakup with Joe), so it’s no surprise it’s no different. If Taylor was upset or taken aback by the mistake, it didn’t show as she genuinely laughed at herself, cracked a good-natured self-deprecating joke about the mistake, and proceeded to gossip. get rid of it (we had to, didn’t we?).

“What shame– I’ve been practicing this ALL DAY,” she joked before turning the whole situation into a positive by reminding the crowd that while they mostly try not to repeat the Eras Tour surprise songs , this rule is waived if she is not satisfied with the initial performance of said song and she may play it again on another leg of the tour.

Do yourself a favor and watch it all in Taylor’s own words, manners and glory, courtesy of TikTok:

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Oh, and if you’re like “…but what about that very academic Swiftian scholarship on the songs you mentioned? How exactly are those two songs related? Well, glad (I imagined) that you asked: ” ” (since Reputation) is all about Taylor catching some hot fuzz/getting instantly horny for Joe Alwyn the night they met (April 29, 2016 – at Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party in Los Angeles), “High Infidelity” (a Midnights 3am edition track) talks about the implosion of her relationship with Calvin Harris (whom she was still dating on April 29, 2016) that paved the way for Taylor’s emotional infidelity. If you want to become a Swiftian Scholar yourself, here’s what the average student looks like every time Taylor Swift posts music/posts on social media/leaves her house:

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