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Tessa Thompson wore an Illusion trouser skirt—see photos

Cheeky is the norm when it comes to Thompson’s personal style, and she leans heavily into maximalism with this entire look. She teamed the illusion skirt with a puffy mustard tank top worn over a brown turtleneck with crocodile boots, an oversized satchel and flower petal sunglasses. Why not.

The skirt-pants weren’t the only optical illusion fashion moment Tessa Thompson served up this week. She attended the Westworld first in a skin-colored and sequined dress that gave a clear impression of nudity. Is this the actor’s actual booty we see in the photos she posted on Instagram or is it just a couture trick? She captioned the post, “What AI could bring to function when they’re after the flesh,” so do what you want with it.

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From Kim Kardashian entering her era of “futuristic alien Barbie” to the whole Julia Fox affair, celebrities are really having fun with their personal style these days. I may be confused, slightly uncomfortable and fascinated, but I don’t think I’m mad about it.

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