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Texas bull named Drago caught on camera after hailstorm: ‘They’re pretty tough’



“I knew the only shelter he really had was trees and that’s where he was heading,” Drago’s owner said.

Saturday, April 29, 2023 11:39 AM

DUBLIN, Texas — A camera captured the moment a hailstorm startled a bull in central Texas, sending it fleeing for safety.

It happened on Wednesday in the city of Dublin.

The bull’s name is Draco. And owner Gary Clayton told the WFAA that despite the storm, Drago was fine.

Clayton said he looked across a field as Drago tried to escape baseball-sized hail.

“I knew the only shelter he really had was trees and that’s where he was heading was to get under trees to kind of break the falling hailstones,” Clayton said.

Draco eventually found refuge under a pecan tree.

“You could hear the hail hitting trees and buildings, you know, off our property and then it started coming closer and closer and I told my wife we’re fixing it, we’re about to see something thing,” Clayton said. .

Clayton said he had only owned Drago for a few years and was still getting to know him. Most of the time, Clayton said he relaxed with the other steer.

“They have three-eighths to half-inch thick skin. Then you have a layer of fat, you have muscle. So they’re pretty tough,” Clayton explained.

Tough enough to apparently weather the storm.

β€œHe adapts to the property and we adapt to him.”


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