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Texas Rep. Mayra Flores mocks Jill Biden with taco inflation meme

A Texas congresswoman has bitten First Lady Jill Biden for her recent gaffe on the state’s Hispanic community and tacos by comparing the remarks to inflation which has increased the cost of the popular dish.

GOP representative Mayra Flores grilled Biden by tweet a sassy meme which focused on how “taco inflation” under the current administration was squeezing people’s wallets.

“Taco inflation – tacos are unique. Ingredients may vary,” the meme said.

The image also included facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the price of cheese is up 8.7% from a year ago. During the same period, lettuce increased by 11.4%, tortillas cost 12.8% more and carne asada increased by 17.4%.

The meme was a dig at FLOTUS Jill Biden who apologized earlier this week after some were offended by comments she made about tacos and Hispanics during a speech in San Antonio.

The meme referenced the first lady’s speech praising breakfast tacos in San Antonio.
The meme, tagged "taco inflation" noted the price increases of taco ingredients.
Mayra Flores joked, “Taco inflation – tacos are unique. Ingredients may vary.

“The first lady apologizes that her words conveyed something other than pure admiration and love for the Latino community,” tweeted Jill Biden’s spokespersonMichael LaRosa.

The First Lady made the comments during a speech Monday to Hispanic advocacy groups.

“Raul helped build this organization knowing that the diversity of this community – as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the flowers of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio – is your strength. “, said Jill Biden.

Mayra Flores in front of the Capitol building after being sworn in in June.
Rep. Flores believes the border crisis is one of the main reasons President Biden is losing Hispanic support.
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While speaking with FOX News, Flores was asked about President Joe Biden’s approval numbers among Hispanics. A recent poll showed a majority – 63% disapprove – of the work he does.

Flores said the economy and the border crisis are why support for Biden among Hispanics is plummeting.

“They took us for granted all the time and nothing they do in the future is going to change that.” Flores said. “We’re going to teach them a strong lesson in November, that (the Democrats) don’t own our vote.”

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