The 11 Best Candles I Consider A Candle Snob

No matter what time of day, I enjoy a candle. I will use any occasion to light one up, from taking a bath to trying to get rid of the lingering smell of an attempted cook and even when writing a story like I am right now. Although candles are small in size, they can be a great form of escape in your home.

My husband also happens to be a bit of a candle snob, so it’s hard for us to leave a store without a new candle. After burning an above average number of candles over the past year, I’ve decided to round up my favorites so you don’t have to buy as many candles as I do to find the best of the best.

Whether you are a fan of fruity and floral scents or musky and woody scents, you are bound to find an option in this list. My husband and I have different preferences, so I don’t limit myself to one category. Keep scrolling to find your choice.


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