The 12 Best Exfoliating Gloves, Hands Down

I really enjoy exfoliation, whether it’s using chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs or just a physical scrub. What I hadn’t really considered adding to my routine, however, was an exfoliator. glove. I know what you’re thinking. Sounds totally weird and pointless, right? Well, maybe to some, but I asked a dermatologist, who thinks otherwise.

Board-certified dermatologist Brendan Camp, MD explains what this random product is and the benefits it offers when you try it. “Exfoliating gloves are mittens made of a rough-textured yarn or [other] material that is typically used in the shower with a cleanser to buff and buff the skin,” says Camp. “Exfoliating gloves facilitate the natural process of exfoliating or removing dead skin cells. The benefits of [using] exfoliating gloves include smoother and more radiant skin, better penetration of skincare products, prevention of ingrown hairs, treatment of keratosis pilaris and prevention of acne breakouts.”

The best part? Most exfoliating gloves are very cheap – I’m talking cheap $5. There is, however, one important note that Camp has before they can give you the green light to try it out for yourself. “Because excessive exfoliation can cause dry, irritated, red, or sensitive skin, it’s best to use the exfoliating gloves once or twice a week,” he explains. This is important if you have sensitive skin, but there are also glove options on this list that are gentle enough for daily use. For some of Camp’s favorite exfoliating gloves and some of our own recommendations, keep reading below.


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