The 12 Best Makeup Trends of Gen Z



I was born in 1996, which means I’m really on my way to being a millennial and part of Gen Z. I’m technically a millennial, but I’ve always felt a bit lost between the two generations – too young to identify with many millennial business cards (never understood the affinity for side parts), but too old to feel at home in Gen Z. As a makeup lover , I’ve officially decided to embrace my younger side since current Gen Z makeup trends are just too good to pass up.

Gen Z follows a whole new set of rules when it comes to makeup. “Millennials have focused on being maximalists with exaggerated baking, coverage and eyelashes,” says celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman. “Gen Z took the opposite approach and brought us back to a minimalist approach to makeup.”

The younger generation has fully embraced glowing skin, strategic pops of color, and makeup that enhances natural features. The new generation isn’t afraid to take risks and play with makeup, which is what makes trends so fun. Check out our favorite Gen Z makeup trends, according to celebrity makeup artists, below.


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