The 20 Best Short Boots for Girls


When you’re on the shorter side, finding the perfect boots is like finding the perfect pair of jeans; some styles will flatter your frame, some design elements are best left to the grown-ups, and when you find the perfect pair, you cherish them. As a fashion editor who is just 5’3 1/2″ tall, I’ve spent the last few years digging into new trends in boots, high fashion thigh high boots to chunky chelsea bootsto discover silhouettes of boots that just work for my frame. Through the meticulous process of trial and error – and the inevitable pain of breaking new boots – I nailed the short boots for girls formula. Now, when shopping for boots, I always refer to my heel height, boot height, and toe shape checklist to make sure I’m investing in the right pair.

And let’s be clear: your height does not limit your choice of boots; it merely informs the purchase. For example, when trying on thigh high boots, I know to look for structural elements or a soft shape for volume, a square or pointed toe, and at least a baby heel. If I go for a flatter sole, I know it has to be either a platform or a dramatic chunky heel to accentuate my height and balance out my proportions. In every boot trend of the season, there will always be an option for shorter people. Ahead, check out the 20 best boots that will never disappoint little girls.


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