The 23 Best Women’s Slingback Flats of 2023



There are a variety of classic shoe styles to wear in spring and summer, but slingback flats are the best contender. If you’re not someone who wants to walk in flimsy flip-flops or tricky sandals, the extra back support on a flat is probably the option for you. Popularized by Chanel with its signature pump, it’s the perfect shoe for looking chic while staying comfortable, as some of us might not go back to heels so easily. The strap provides gentle support for your heel, so you won’t get blisters with a regular flat shoe or feel like you have no support with an open-back shoe.

As this is a very classic shoe, it can be difficult to find pairs that meet the lines of comfort and cutting-edge design, so I did the research for you. Below, you’ll find 20 pairs of slingback flats at affordable and splurge-worthy prices. Trust me, you’ll want to wear them all season (and beyond.)


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