The 25 Best COS Fashion Items for Simple, Minimal Style

Understated luxury has been around forever, but lately the aesthetic has been the subject of many Tik Toks diving into the world of seemingly simple, deceptively priced clothing. Naturally, The Row came back several times in the speech. The brand’s collections are about as bare and uncluttered as it gets, but what it lacks in ornate details it makes up for in quality. This means that even a plain white button-up shirt will be a splurge. But high prices haven’t stopped The Row from amassing a legion of fans. You could certainly count me among them.

As much as I love an over-the-top trend, there’s still something to be said for a calm, cool elegance that’s so simple and perfectly put together. I’ve said before that if I had a million dollars, I’d fill my closet with The Row staples, but since student loans are a force in my life, I opted for other alternatives. One of them is the Scandi COS brand. Although she’s a favorite of fashion editors, she’s a little more understated than her mainstream contemporaries. Much like The Row, Cos’ bread and butter are minimalist separates that are oversized and modern. However, the prices are drastically different – a pair of Cos pants would set you back just over $100, while its cotton tank tops and tees often cost around $30. Moderate affordability and expensive-looking quality are mainly why most of my bookmarks lately have been the retailer. And until I hit the lottery, it fulfills my fantasies of quiet luxury. Ahead, see the Cos pieces that I’m convinced could definitely pass for


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