The 26 best bras that lift and support



One of the most underrated ways to improve the look of an outfit isn’t to adopt a few new trends or styling tricks (although that helps); it’s about investing in well-fitting underwear. So often, when we think of lingerie, it’s always with the objective that the whole world doesn’t see them, so there’s “no need” to splurge. But it’s not necessarily the right decision. Of course, not all of us walk around naked, but inappropriate basics cause some of the biggest wardrobe malfunctions, which makes buying good lingerie all the more imperative.

While there are a few underwear items worth investing in (like shapewear or seamless panties), the most transformative thing you can buy is a lift bra. A well-made bra will not only make all your clothes fit better, but proper support can help with back problems and even confidence. But you don’t have to take my word for it. In a bid to show just how life-changing a great bra can be, I scoured the review sections of popular lingerie brands and retailers to identify the 26 best lift bras.

Although finding the best version of this bra for your needs is based on what you like (for example, whether you prefer padding, wire-free bras, or extra support), the bras listed above are all great options to try. Because I considered what really makes them the best: quality, inclusiveness of size, cost, elegance, and real-life reviews. So without further ado, get ready to be blown away by these lift bras…


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