The 5 Best Shoes To Wear With Puddle Pants, Hands Down

As I approached my research, I thought checking out a mix of celebrities and influencers would be my best bet to see how the fashion set styles the puddle pants trend, and I’m happy to reveal that there is has five shoe styles that continue cropping up top.

For casual ensembles, white sneakers are the consensus, especially with black puddle pants. A moment of peek-a-boo with a pointed heel will elevate these pants for a more elegant look. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to own the Gucci logo heels that are all over Instagram right now, there’s no better way to show off the sparkling monogram. Abi Marvel’s puddle-jean look is proof of that. While the sun is still making its daily appearance, sandals are the first port of call for easy styling, and leather mules are a classic style that will forever remain in style. As fall approaches, this style of pants can be worn with chunky boots, which are a comfortable option for stomping. Lastly, I plan to style mine with loafers to give the work a minimalist, preppy vibe.

Keep scrolling for the five best shoes to wear with puddle pants.


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