The 7 Best Summer Hair Colors, Hands Down

If this time every year you feel an uncontrollable urge to completely change your hair color, you are not alone. With the end of summer fast approaching, adopting a shade change is a natural desire, especially if, like me, you’ve spent almost all hair inspiration on Pinterest. However, while summer tends to be when most of us start thinking about changing our hair color, bright sunshine can actually put our hair color and health at risk. If you plan to sit in the sun, Nikita Fisher, co-owner of Palmer Fisher London, has a brilliant tip for protecting your hair (other than with a hat). “My best advice is to put conditioner in your hair while you sunbathe, just like you would put sunscreen on your skin to protect it,” she says.

I admit, the urge to embrace a new summer hair color has totally gotten over me, and I’ve booked my personal color makeover for early next month. So, in my quest to discover the hottest summer hues, I polled some of the top colorists from across the pond to get their opinions on the best summer hair colors. Keep scrolling to find out their most requested hair shades of the summer so far and the products you need to maintain your salon finish.


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