The 9 best Le Labo perfumes, in my opinion



Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that Le Labo’s iconic Santal 33 scent smells really good. Besides owning a bottle myself, the scent has become so popular over the years that it’s basically a business card for savvy millennials. Basically, if you know, you know. But the Brooklyn-based fragrance brand has so much more to offer in the way of its unisex oil-based fragrances beyond its bestseller, and I’m here to tell you where to start.

It’s easy to see why the brand has become so popular. Each of the scents is coated in an intoxicating blend of notes, and since they’re oil-based, a spritz can last all day. I know they can be expensive, but in my opinion the cost per wear is worth it. For my own perfume mission (and yours too), I asked The Lab to send me samples of their best-selling perfumes, and the brand kindly shared their Discovery Kit filled with 17 spritzes the size of a sample. Over the past few weeks I’ve been changing my perfume daily, mostly because I like wearing perfume even though I don’t step out of the house just to smell something, but also because I wanted to give you my honest reviews of the best Le Labo perfumes.


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