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The actor kept his relationship with Matthew McLean a secret for years



Eugene Lee Yang and her boyfriend, Matthew McLean, had been together for nearly a decade when they finally went public with their relationship. Shortly before, Lee Yang had come out as gay.

In the middle of Pride Month 2019, Eugene Lee Yang posted a video titled “I’m gay” on YouTube. It started with a close-up shot of Lee Yang and slowly zoomed out to reveal a conservatively dressed Asian family surrounding the actor.

He stood out, wearing glamorous makeup and a flowing red satin dress. The music kicked in and the set began a contemporary dance sequence that seemed to chronicle Lee Yang’s coming out journey.

The video, written, directed and choreographed by Lee Yang, had reached over 20.8 million views at the time of writing. It was a deeply personal production, like Lee Yang carried his truth in the world. After years of being a public figure, the 37-year-old was finally ready.

Eugene Lee Yang on Coming Out: “I Finally Felt Safe”

After her breakthrough video, Lee Yang opened up about her journey with her sexuality. Having been dubbed one of the most culturally influential creators in the world, the YouTuber was comfortable with his behind-the-scenes identity.

Eugene Lee Yang poses at the Gold House 2nd Annual Gold Gala: Gold Bridge at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on May 6, 2023 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

However, he feared his loved ones would react negatively if he came out into the open. Finally, he weighed the pros and cons and decided it was time, because he explain:

“I finally felt safe. I feel like every queer person has a moment when they gracefully hone the art of holding back just enough, and I realized I was doing that with the public.”

Given his Asian-American background, his coming out has also broadened his activism as an advocate of Asian hatred. Lee Yang has become one of the few celebrities representing his demographics as a person of color in the LGBTQ community. Months later, he revealed his longtime partner, Matthew McLean.

Eugene Lee Yang’s boyfriend Matthew McLean is a director at EY

McLean (born on august 26) graduated from the University of Rochester with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, French, and Translation in 2009. Thereafter, he immediately enrolled at Syracuse University, earning his Masters in International Relations and Foreign Policy in 2011.

McLean earned another Masters in Business Administration from USC Marshall School of Business in 2016. He worked in various companies throughout his college education, including at the US State Department, the United Nations Foundation, and the World Health Organization.

He has also held temporary positions for Oaktree Capital Management and the Annenberg Foundation and was a senior intern at PwC. McLean joined EY, a major Los Angeles-based accounting firm, in 2016 as a principal consultant. Two years later, he was promoted to director.

Eugene Lee Yang and Matthew McLean started dating in the early 2010s

McLean and Lee Yang had been watching each other for a year in a gym when McLean decided to approach Lee Yang. They started dating soon after. McLean, who worked for a funeral home as a high school student, revealed that he and his beau moved in together in 2013 during one episode 2020 of “TryPod”.



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