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The actress is married to nonprofit co-founder Azad Oommen



Azad Oommen and Anav Oommen | Poorna Jagannathan | Source: Instagram.com/poornagraphy | Getty Images

Poorna Jagannathan is a talented Hollywood actress of Indian origin. In addition to her acting career, she is a wife and mother who often shares photos of her loved ones online.

Poorna Jagannathan is a family woman who adores her husband and child. Over the years, the ‘Never Have I Ever’ star has written about his wife and son on social media. From celebrating their birthdays or Father’s Day to talking about her husband of many years on Valentine’s Day, the actress showed just how much she adores her family.

She and her loved ones reside in a house they renovated for their convenience. Seeing it for the first time, its atmosphere reminded her of happy memories of New York, where she lived most of her adult life. For her beloved husband, the property plan has a more meaningful meaning as it resembles his family’s residence in Kerala.

Who is Poorna Jagannathan’s husband?

Poorna Jagannathan is married to Azad Oommen, the co-founder of Global School Leaders (GSL). This nonprofit organization develops effective school leadership to improve student learning in marginalized communities around the world.

Oommen was also the founding executive director of the Central Square Foundation (CSF), an India-based venture philanthropy fund that provides funds to help improve the quality of student learning. He also sits on the boards of the Central Square Foundation and the India School Leadership Institute. Oommen is also an advisor to the organization and to Saarthi in India.

His article on how non-profits can successfully improve student learning through existing systems has been featured on the India Development Review website. Oommen holds a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University and a bachelor’s degree in international economics from Georgetown University.

Poorna Jagannathan’s online messages dedicated to her husband and son

Oommen’s famous wife has shared images of him on her social media over the years. She celebrated it on Father’s Day in June 2021, writing:

“We all revolve around this man, whose light and warmth is unlike anything I thought I could experience. I love you, Azad. Happy Father’s Day.”

That same year in August, Jagannathan paid tribute to her husband on his birthday alongside a warm image of the couple. She wrote, “Happy birthday to the most desirable husband in the world.”

On Valentine’s Day in February 2022, the movie star penned a heartfelt message for her significant other on Instagram, “We’ve built a simple life together but it’s a life full of extraordinary beauty. Here’s a deep love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.”

The lovebirds walked down the aisle in 2003 and have been married for two decades. The happy couple welcomed a child together, a son named Anav Oommen.

The mother-of-one shared a family photo in December 2021 showing the trio smiling outside. She wished her Instagram followers happy holidays while noting that she was grateful to her community.

Poorna Jagannathan & Oommen Industrial Home in Los Angeles

The family of three resides in the Westside of Los Angeles. Jagannathan and the family patriarch bought their home in 2008, and she said they felt at home when they entered the mansion made up of industrial designs.

As for Oommen, the U-shaped plan evokes his family’s traditional residence called nalukettu in Kerala, designed around a central courtyard. After living in their home for ten years, the duo remodeled it. They adjusted the floor plan to meet their daily needs and added bright colors throughout the house.

Poorna Jagannathan traveled extensively thanks to her childhood experience

Before settling in Los Angeles, Poorna Jagannathan lived in different countries thanks to her father, an Indian diplomat. In a June 2023 interview, she said travel has shaped who she is today.

Due to her father’s profession, she and her family would move to a different country every three years. “I was born in Tunisia and grew up in India, Ireland, Brazil, Pakistan and Argentina,” Jagannathan revealed.

The Bollywood star is best known for her character in the hit Netflix series, ‘Never Have I Ever’, in which she portrays the role of Nalini. She stars alongside Jeff Garlin, Deacon Phillippe and Common on the show created by Mindy Kaling, among others.

When asked how she relates to her character as a mother as herself in real life, Jagannathan said she learned a lot about parenthood on the show and is now learning to give. “a sense of belonging” to her child. She doesn’t pay much attention to his grades anymore but just makes sure he knows that both of his parents love him.



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