the Assembly votes 500 million euros to increase pensions, against the advice of the government


Big accident for the majority: the National Assembly voted on Tuesday, against the advice of the government, an additional revaluation of 500 million euros for retirement pensions, as part of the examination of the draft rectified budget for 2022 The vote on this amendment by the independent group LIOT was won by 186 votes to 181, with the left immediately celebrating a “beautiful victory”.

The Mayor announces an upgrade in 2023

The amendment provides for a revaluation of pensions taking into account the real level of inflation, i.e. for 2022 at 5.5%, while the government has proposed a cumulative revaluation of 5.1% (1.1% in January then 4% in July). Almost all the opposition deputies voted for, only the LR group divided between for, against and abstention, while the majority united to oppose it, in vain.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire tried to demine the subject, assuring that in view of galloping inflation, “there will most likely be another revaluation of pensions in January 2023”. The consideration since Friday by the Assembly of the draft rectified budget is strewn with pitfalls for the majority.

Horizons MPs voted against the government’s advice

Monday evening, for example, 230 million euros for homes heating with fuel oil were approved against the advice of the government, which favored aid of 50 million euros. On Saturday, the Assembly decided to allocate 120 million to the departments which pay the RSA in 2022, to fully compensate for the 4% increase in this benefit programmed by the State.

The measure was obtained by the conjunction of the favorable votes of the left, the RN, the LRs, but also the deputies of the Horizons group. This is the first time that these allies of the majority have marked their difference.

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