The best boots, jackets and jeans at Nordstrom right now

Right now, my shopping list has officially turned to anything that falls. Specifically, the fall staples that will become the backbone of my wardrobe for the next few months. While my summer style consisted of items like denim shorts, tank tops, and sandals, my fall shopping list revolves around their cooler equivalents of jeans, jackets, and boots. Yes, I’ve already started scouring the internet for the coolest versions of each, and as usual, Nordstrom is coming in strong with some of my favorite versions.

Right now, the retailer’s new releases section is filled with cool fall staples, so I spent a few hours browsing the site to find the best versions of each. From the Tôteme jacket that’s already an Instagram staple, to the new Levi’s jean shape that’s sure to be popular, keep shopping for the best boots, jackets and jeans at Nordstrom.


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