The Best Knee-High Boots To Wear With Simple Leggings


Some pieces of our wardrobes will always go together, such as jeans, t-shirts, cardigans and tank tops. But have you ever tried pairing simple leggings with knee-high boots?

This easy outfit recipe is often overlooked in favor of a more athletic style of shoe, but let’s face it: we wear leggings everywhere, not just when we work out. So why not give your favorite pair a boost with a little help from a pair of sleek black boots? This match made in simple style heaven is gaining traction among fashionable people all over the world. And with winter in full swing, it’s clear that boots are back in rotation.

Scroll for some easy outfit inspiration, plus some of our favorite tall boots and basic black leggings to mix and match. We have a feeling this combo will soon become a staple no matter where the season takes you.


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