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The body of missing 2-year-old Wynter Smith has been found – Grandpa couldn’t eat or sleep for days after he went missing



Wynter Cole Smith | Wynter and his grandfather, Almount | Source: facebook.com/kailah.cole.7 facebook.com/WJBKFox2Detroit

Wynter Cole Smith was kidnapped by his mother’s ex-boyfriend three days ago in Lansing, Michigan. The kidnapping came after her mother’s ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed her mother late on Sunday evening.

The family of Wynter Cole Smith are anxiously awaiting news of the two-year-old girl after she was abducted by her mother’s ex-boyfriend Rashad Trice late Sunday night. Trice was found and arrested Monday morning, but Wynter is still missing.

The FBI and local authorities released statements imploring the public to verify any surveillance footage they may have of the suspicious routes Trice traveled with Winter between Sunday night and Monday morning.

As authorities searched for Wynter, the girl’s grandmother said she hoped she would return home safely, as she had heard stories of children being brought home after suffering tragedy. Tragically, Wynter’s body was found near Coleman A. Young Airport on Wednesday evening. The case is now being investigated as a homicide.

What happened to Wynter?

Shortly after Wynter was abducted after Trice stabbed his mother, his grandmother opened up about the incident, saying they had been on an emotional roller coaster and hoped her son’s daughter would be home soon. the House.

Wynter’s mother was stabbed and when she fled the house to call the police, she returned to find her daughter, as well as her mother’s car, missing. Wynter’s one-year-old brother was still in the house and unharmed.

It was confirmed that Trice was not Wynter’s biological father and was tracked down and arrested early Monday morning. While they had Trice in custody and found the stolen car, police still could not locate Wynter.

For this reason, the FBI has confirmed that it will award a $25,000 reward to anyone with information about Wynter’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, no one came forward and Wynter’s body was found three days after he disappeared.

Words from the Wynter families

Although her grandmother had high hopes that she would be returned to them safely as Wynter’s mother recovered from her stab wounds in hospital, the family is now mourning the loss of their precious child.

Wynter’s grandparents and father opened up about how it all affected them, with his grandfather, Almount Smith, admitting:

“Since it happened, I haven’t really slept, I haven’t eaten.”

When asked what he would say to Trice if they met face to face, Smith said he would ask where his granddaughter was and let Trice know that everyone knew Wynter was his.” angel” and that he had called her that since the day she was born.

Before news of her death broke, Smith admitted he asked everyone to pray for her safe return home and cried every time he asked someone new to pray. for the child and his family.

Wynter’s father also spoke out, saying that every time he woke up he looked at his phone and saw his daughter, only to turn around and find she wasn’t there with him. Even driving is difficult for him as he continually stares at the back seat of his car seat and sees that she is not there.

Our thoughts and prayers are with little Wynter’s family during this difficult time. May she rest in peace.



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