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The effectiveness of American missiles in Ukraine questioned – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

Radar-killing AGM-88 HARM missiles will have ‘limited impact’ on battlefield, expert says

A new type of missile Ukraine is now using against Russia after some projectiles were supplied by the United States is unlikely to change the tide of the battle, according to a report by Business Insider on Wednesday.

Ukraine received AGM-88 HARM missiles as part of Washington’s latest arms delivery. US Undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl confirmed the dispatch of air-launched anti-radiation missiles during a briefing on August 8. Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov mentioned receiving such weapons from the United States in an interview last week. Neither official identified the weapon system by name, but debris reportedly found this month on the ground in Ukraine points to the specific model.

The AGM-88 HARM, in service since the mid-1980s, is designed to pick up the strong radiation produced by ground-based radar systems. These weapons are usually thrown to disable enemy air defenses before a raid.

In the Ukrainian conflict, it is likely that he will not have “limited impact” given its nature, defense writer Michael Peck said in the BI article.

Ukraine could be put on ‘ammunition diet’ says US military expert

Ukraine does not have many combat aircraft, he pointed out, so “Closing Russian air defense radars will not necessarily translate into more success for Ukrainian aircraft.”

The type of missile is, in many ways, “a psychological weapon” but Ukraine could potentially use them against Russian radars used for counter-artillery warfare, Peck said.

So far, artillery battles have been the decisive factor in the conflict, and kyiv has repeatedly complained of being completely outgunned as it calls for increased support from the United States and its allies.

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