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If energy savings have been made, the risk of load shedding is not completely eliminated. The work of the new EPR smoking time. At the beginning of the year, the executive proposed a bill to reduce procedures that delay the launch or continuation of construction sites. To prepare for this, the deputies of the majority went to Flamanville.

France again exported electricity. The announcement was made on Wednesday by Emmanuelle Wargon, the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission. While in recent weeks, France has been buying it from its neighbours, the 7.4% drop in electricity consumption has restored some form of balance. There will be no difficulties until January 15, assures Emmanuelle Wargon.

The Flamanville EPR should see the light of day in 2024

However, the risk of load shedding is not ruled out. A battery of nuclear reactors is still shut down. The work of the new EPR (European pressurized reactor) is aging over time. On Wednesday, a delegation of Renaissance deputies went to the Flamanville power plant, in the Manche department, to observe the operation of these reactors and prepare for the new bill which will be presented at the beginning of January.

The executive wishes in particular to reduce the administrative and legal procedures which delay the launch or the continuation of the construction sites. Hence the visit of these eleven deputies of the majority who spoke with the staff on site. The Flamanville EPR, originally planned for 2012, will finally see the light of day in the first quarter of 2024, according to EDF. This move illustrates the desire of the majority to relaunch the nuclear industry after having closed Fessenheim and planned to reduce the number of power plants.

“We must speed up the production of electricity in our country”

Emmanuel Macron did an about-face last February and promised the launch of six new EPRs as well as smaller reactors. “The majority is very clear about the fact that it wants to implement the commitment of the President of the Republic, it is convinced that the energy future of our country is through an energy mix that contains nuclear and And she is also convinced that we must speed up the production of electricity in our country”, explains Guillaume Kasbarian, Renaissance deputy for Eure-et-Loir.

The bill will be examined first in the Senate on January 17, then in the National Assembly. The text should a priori apply the voice of the Republicans and the National Rally.


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