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The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain reaches Turkey

Two more ships that left Ukraine on Friday are expected to arrive soon, Turkish media said.

The Navistar vessel, flying the Panamanian flag, carrying around 33,000 tonnes of Ukrainian corn to Ireland, has reached Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait and anchored in Istanbul, the Turkish Defense Ministry confirmed in a statement. Tweeter Saturday.

The ship should now undergo an inspection by members of the Joint Coordination Center before proceeding to its destination, the ministry said, adding that the check should take place in “hours.” The inspection group will include officials from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the UN, Turkish media said.

The Navistar left the port of Odessa on Friday under a deal brokered by Ukraine and Russia and brokered by Turkey and the UN last month. Two other ships – the Maltese-flagged Rojen and the Turkish-flagged Polarnet – left the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk on the same day.

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Ukrainian grain flows to world markets

The Rojen carries around 13,000 tonnes of maize to Ireland, while the Polarnet will carry around 12,000 tonnes of the same cargo to the Turkish port of Karasu. The two ships have already entered Turkish territorial waters, according to some media, and are expected to arrive in the Bosphorus soon.

These ships follow Monday’s departure of the first ship from Odessa, which is carrying more than 26,000 tonnes of maize to Lebanon.

Ukraine’s grain exports were suspended after Russia launched its military operation in the country in February, sparking growing concerns over global food supplies. kyiv accused Russian forces of barring civilian ships from leaving ports, while Moscow blamed Ukraine for exploiting the sea near its ports, which impeded maritime traffic.

At the end of July in Istanbul, Moscow and kyiv agreed on an agreement allowing a resumption of exports from Ukrainian ports. The deal also involves facilitating unhindered shipments of Russian grain, as well as fertilizer and raw materials to produce it.


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