The governors of the banks of the French-speaking countries in conclave in Rabat

This event discussed 2 themes of great importance for Central Banks, climate change and digital transformation.

The 26th Conference of Governors of Central Banks of French-speaking countries took place on May 25 and 26 in Rabat. It was organized by Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM), in partnership with the Banque de France. It brought together governors, vice-governors and senior representatives of central banks from around twenty countries and communities of states, Bank Al-Maghrib said in a press release. This event gave rise to the holding of round tables on “two themes of great importance for central banks”, notes BAM. These are climate change and digital transformation. Thus, the representatives of the Central Banks shared their respective experiences and reflected on the tools and methods of their actions, it is indicated. Thus, they agreed to set up a working group of French-speaking central banks dedicated to climate and green finance.

Also, faced with the opportunities and risks associated with crypto-assets and digital currencies, whether for Central Banks or for the economy as a whole, the speakers also discussed the role of Central Banks in the emergence of the Fintech ecosystem, is it added. The conference was also an opportunity to take stock of the action of the working group of French-speaking central banks on the financial education of the public. It also revealed the communication of central banks around inflation factors. In addition, the participants agreed on the advisability of setting up a website dedicated to French-speaking central banks in order to establish a communication platform between these institutions.

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