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The Lululemon Hike Collection You Didn’t Know You Need Is Here

Turns out we were doing Lululemon wrong. While no one would blame us for wearing Align leggings or Fast and Free shorts on the trails, the brand has just released a line designed for the mountains, aptly dubbed Lululemon Hike.

It’s a wide assortment, with 33 pieces in total for women, men and unisex clothing and accessories designed, first and foremost, to perform. the low. The materials are meant to be wrapped up, stretched and flexed (literally and figuratively) as you climb, clamber, hike or walk as you please. If you’re the type of person who likes to get ready for free time, this collection is for you.

Go ahead, take everything with you on this hike (snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, several sets of keys, a hat you may or may not keep, etc.) – there are plenty of compartments for your stuff . Getting hot, then cold, then hot again? In addition to the mesh panels, there are a myriad of zippered and removable components to be your own A/C. Some items are even ready for *all* the elements, with clothes that double as swimwear.


But unlike outdoor gear of yore, it’s also abrasion resistant, which translates to a chafe-free summer for you. Goodbye friction! Sayonara bulbs! The only thing that will bother you about wearing anything from this collection is the fact that you will have to take it off at some point.

The color palette is inspired by nature, and we don’t think it’s too dramatic to say that Monet would have approved of what is sure to become the collection’s signature motif: a design that can only be described as a sunrise glitchy sun. The rest of the range offers high visibility colors from neon green to bright purple, as well as more traditional combos that you’ll find at your nearest REI.

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