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The Supreme Court has just made it legal to carry a concealed weapon without a license in New York

It’s been a busy and besieged summer for the Supreme Court, and its justices show no signs of slowing down in releasing landmark rulings, handing down a ruling on Thursday that New York applicants for a license to carry a firearm in outside their home would no longer have a “good cause” to do so.

The Supreme Court ruled on the 6-3 issue, ultimately finding the New York state law to be in violation of the Second Amendment, although the court’s three liberal justices voted to uphold the law, the judge Stephen Breyer writing a dissent to the decision.

The victory for gun rights activists comes as many Americans question the ease of purchase and lack of background checks that have allowed many mass shooters, including the shooter who killed 19 students. and two teachers from Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas, in May — to stockpile weapons. The Supreme Court’s decision represents a major loss for gun safety advocates, as it may have ramifications for the other eight states and the District of Columbia that restrict concealed carry permits through laws similar to the New York law now overturned.

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