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Laure Van Ruymbeke (special envoy to Chester)
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1:53 p.m., August 17, 2022

After a premature suspension of hearing, Tuesday, because of technical problems, the French side trial Benjamin Mendy resumes this Wednesday with the speaking of a first envisaged, which accuses the player of attempted rape. She was 29 at the time of the events and was lured to Benjamin Mendy by another footballer.

The French footballer, accused of multiple rapes by this woman, is on trial in Chester, United Kingdom. After hearings suspended on Tuesday for technical sound problems, the trial resumes on Wednesday with the expected testimony of an alleged victim.

The victim was 29 at the time of the incident.

The prosecutor has already spoken. He said the complaint went to the police station when she realized the impact her testimony could have. Several inmates had already filed a complaint. His testimony was pre-recorded on January 17, 2022 and on Monday the prosecutor had already given some details. The alleged victim was 29 years old at the time. She met Benjamin Mendy in 2017 in the nightclub in Barcelona. But it is with another French footballer, a great friend of Benjamin Mendy, Diacko Fofana, that she remains in contact.

A chilling testimony

She saw him again in October 2018 in Manchester. He takes her to the home of Benjamin Mendy, where she spends the night. The next day, according to the prosecution, she is taking a shower when Benjamin Mendy enters the bathroom, asking her to remain naked. She refuses. He then lures her to her and attempts to rape her. She pushes him away with her knees.

The testimony of the young woman will be heard in the coming hours, as well as the questions that Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer was able to ask last May.

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