The Top 5 Best Chanel Perfumes of All Time

Growing up, my mom had the most enchanting collection of beauty products that took up residence in her bathroom. (My dad’s electric razor, bare soap bar, and single bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner didn’t stand a chance and were banished to another bathroom downstairs.)

Atop my mother’s porcelain vanity sat her jars of creams and powders, and along the wall, deep drawers were lined with rows of fancy lipstick balls. Atop gleaming glass shelves was her collection of Chanel perfumes. Even at a very young age (and knowing nothing of Chanel’s iconic name), I understood with inherent knowledge that there was something supremely special about gold bottle caps and black lacquer detailing. The name “Chanel” effortlessly etched itself into my subconscious as the epitome of glamor and lust.

Almost 20 years later (and now that I’m beauty director), that etching hasn’t faded. Sure, Chanel makes loads of holy grail beauty products that anyone with an affinity for nail polish, lipstick, or glowing skin would want to hoard, but it’s the brand’s signature fragrance collection that will represent always the top echelon of all things beauty.

So, because everyone should own at least one Chanel perfume in their lifetime, we’re paying homage to the brand by showcasing their top five perfumes of all time, followed by additional (similar) perfumes from other brands you also have. need on your buying radar.

Keep scrolling to see the top five Chanel perfumes and their similarly addictive counterparts.


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