The Top 6 Picks From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is more or less one of the biggest trade events of the year. As we highlighted this week, the Mega Blast offers heavily discounted prices on a plethora of coveted purchases. Today we thought we’d spotlight even more of the event’s stars. In fact, we thought there might be some interest in what one of our favorite tracks, Susie Wright, thinks is A+ from the anniversary sale. After all, she’s a former Nordstrom buyer, so it’s safe to say that she gets the merchandise and understand what is worth buying now. Oh, and she’s also 55. And no, age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, but this dress experiment after years of styling trial and error is pretty intriguing too.

If you look at Wright’s So Susie site, you’ll see she’s already bought the sale during the preview stage. Keep scrolling to discover the six general categories that Wright currently buys from Nordstrom, with a range of products inspired to suit a variety of styles. Carry on, there may be some serious add-to-cart action in the near future.


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