The video summarizes the Juan Soto experience

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The Washington Nationals have given baseball fans an incredibly cool video.

This video, uploaded to their social media accounts, showed us “the Juan Soto experience”.

What does it mean?

Well, surely most fans wanted to know what was going on in a batting Soto.

The Nats gave us some insight.

As you can see, it all starts with plate discipline.

Soto has no equal when it comes to not swinging on balls and swinging on strikes.

He has an incredible knowledge of the strike zone, which allows him to identify boundary throws as strikes or balls.

He does everything with bluster

The first sequence in the video has him mistaking a low pitch for a ball and “shuffling”, something he does from time to time.

After that there is a brief conversation with the receiver: it is part of the game, they probably talk to each other at some point in the game.

In this case, judging by what happens next, one would guess that the catcher said he couldn’t hit a home run or something.

He walked over to his laser leaving the court and immediately turned to give the catcher a look.

That’s the Soto experience in a nutshell: swagger, confidence and an incredible talent for discerning balls from strikes and hitting a baseball with power on any court.

After a somewhat sluggish start to the season, he has changed the game lately.

He has .896 OPS and 19 homers for the season, but his line over the last seven games is an incredible .440/.563/.960 with four homers.

He was born to bat in the big spots.

With 117 home runs before he even turned 24, he was destined for stardom for a long, long time.

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