These $60 heels from Nordstrom have gone viral on TikTok

It was a snappy enough opening line to make me stop my mindless scrolling on TikTok: “I’m convinced I just found the most elite pair of high heels for under $60.” Yeah, it will. A TikToker named Maddie posted her video yesterday and it quickly garnered over 50,000 views (and counting). As for the feedback, some say they too own the shoes and love them, while others are eager to buy them as soon as possible.

In the viral video, she’s poetic about Open Edit’s Reggie sandals ($60), which come in a bunch of colors like gold, black, red, sky blue, and more. “They’re so comfortable,” Maddie says. “They’re so easy to walk on and they fit my foot perfectly,” noting that she finds them true to size. Scroll down to watch his video and shop the shoes of the day.


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