These Accessories Make or Destroy a Closet, According to a Stylist

Rose Hayes works as a Nordstrom VIP stylist. In fact, while she’s styled her whole life, she’s played the part at Nordy for 15 years. She therefore has all the experience necessary to define and create well-balanced closets for her clients. Accessories are clearly important in rounding out an offering, and Hayes thinks there are a few accessories of the moment that can more or less make or break a great closet this season given their chic nature. Of course, you should always add what you love to your wardrobe, but the curation in question could elevate that wardrobe even further for the summer.

Check out the items that Hayes personally likes and thinks you’ll like. Many of the finds in question are rather classic, but there are also a few modern silhouettes incorporated into the mix. Keep scrolling for style and shopping inspiration.


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