These are the 21 most flattering jeans, you’re welcome


Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a lifelong task. We all have countless pairs in our denim collections, but how many of them can we really trust to look amazing every time we put them on? For years, skinny jeans have been our favorite style of jeans, and we’ve found so many style ideas to go with the classic look, but recently jeans with a “baggy but tapered” fit have caught our eye. With so many denim styles to choose from these days, we went straight to the experts to find out which will be the most flattering jeans to wear day in and day out.

We reached out to denim experts at 3×1, Paige and Warp + Weft to weigh in on the matter. Although they all had slightly different opinions on which jeans look best, they all expressed that no matter what, the pair you feel good in will be the one that looks the best. We couldn’t agree more, but we also wanted to know exactly which pairs are expert-approved. So right ahead, each of them shared the number one feature that makes jeans look great on any body, regardless of shape or size.


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