These are the best Manolo Blahnik heels ever

Few shoe brands have built a reputation for craftsmanship, timeless style and all-around decadence quite like Manolo Blahnik. Founded in 1971 by the Spanish designer of the same name, the brand has long been a fashion favorite and beyond, appearing on TV shows (you know this one), in movies and on celebrities. ranging from Meghan Markle to Michelle. Barack Obama.

According to Net-a-Porter senior market editor Libby Page, the deep appeal lies in the brand’s classic shapes, which appeal to consumers of all ages. “True to its DNA, Manolos are always impeccably crafted, often with [the designer’s] signature curved heel and strong, easily recognizable styles across all categories and heel heights,” she says.

For these reasons and more, Manolos have become the shoe of choice when it comes time to invest in a truly gorgeous pair of heels. But with so many options, all of which are dangerously tempting, it can be hard to narrow down the choices to just one. In an effort to speed up the process and get you the shoes of your dreams faster, I asked Page to showcase the styles that Net-a-Porter are most excited about this season. Below, shop his picks for the best Manolo Blahniks of all time, from Hangisi to Maysale.


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