This Abercrombie Dress Will Be TikTok’s Next Viral Sensation

If you’ve looked through even a single scroll on TikTok, you’ll know full well that Abercrombie is having a good time. First, her jeans went viral for their impeccable fit and vintage-inspired look. Then a corset-style princess dress exploded and then sold out (once you see it, you’ll understand why). But the saga does not end there.

With many TikTok fans (myself included) missing Abercrombie’s latest internet-famous dress in search of a replacement, the brand has stocked up on its other stunningly pretty options – and one of between them clearly stands out as the favorite. Introducing the Keyhole Slip Maxi Dress, an all-occasion dress that features contrast piping around its keyhole neckline and comes in three colors: baby blue, black and rich brown. To make it even more desirable, the dress is currently on sale as part of Abercrombie’s semi-annual denim event, which advertises 30% off denim and 25% off everything else.

With everything going for this $68 dress (temporarily down from $90), there’s no way she won’t become completely TikTok famous. Before he does, thus making it impossible to buy, buy the three colors below.


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