This is what the Met Gala looked like in 2003



Please excuse us, we just got back from 20 years ago and need a moment to get our bearings.

So different and yet so familiar was the April 28, 2003 Met Gala aide – which, despite being a coveted ticket (and only $3,500), was not enough the occasion for everyone who’s anyone quickly became, eventually overtaking the Oscars as fashion’s biggest night. The premiere of keeping up with the Kardashians was still four years old, 13 years old Taylor Swift furiously journaled in his childhood bedroom and TikTok was just the ticking of a clock.

But the party for the benefit of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art remained a destination of choice, a place to THE actresses of the moment—Nicholas! kate! Charlie!—to flock to models, designers, style legends, up-and-coming icons (Victoria Beckhamalways finding his post-The Spice Girls legs), and other titans of pop culture. Most of whom, by the way, are always welcome at the event vogue chief editor Anna Wintour presides to this day.



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