TikToker Chris Olsen details intense rehab stint that changed his life



And when it came to sharing with other patients, Chris said everyone should be honest.

“Your first exercise when you get to that rehab is to tell the group that you’re in the 10 most shameful secrets you have,” the 25-year-old continued. “And if you weren’t sobbing on the floor at number 10, you had to do the exercise again until you were because you weren’t taking the exercise seriously enough.”

Indeed, as he said, the establishment took things seriously. “One time someone smuggled a phone in and texted someone outside that they were going to leave,” Chris recalls, “and the next day we walked into the group and his texts went off. were printed and posted all around the walls. So she had to watch what she did for the next two weeks.”

It was to his advantage, however. “It was all about responsibility,” he shared, “and perhaps unsurprisingly had, like, the highest sobriety success rate in the country. One of, I don’t know if It’s real. It’s just what we heard.”



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