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Tish Melton, Daughter of Glennon Doyle, Is a Talented Singer-Songwriter: Get to Know Her

Glennon Doyle, the wife of FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Abby Wambach, has a daughter whose talent has captured the world’s attention. Get to know Tish Melton, daughter of Glennon Doyle.

Glennon Doyle is a New York Times best-selling author and activist. She’s also a motivational speaker who isn’t shy about discussing the less desirable facets of her youth.

The acclaimed author endured love and personal setbacks due to his carefree youth. Despite her crazy past, she grew up to be a successful mother and the proud mother of a talented daughter, Tish Melton.


Tish is Glennon’s daughter with semi-professional footballer Craig Melton. Glennon was 24 when she met the athlete. In the end, they got married in a ceremony that took place in a backyard in 2002.

Glennon and Craig, both practitioners, welcomed two more children: their son Chase and another daughter Amma. Glennon’s life and professional career seemed to be going smoothly and smoothly.

In addition to her role as a devoted mother, Glennon has achieved remarkable success with her blog, Momastery. In the blog, she recounts her experiences in the context of her marriage and family.

Glennon’s fame skyrocketed after successfully publishing several self-help books on love, life and relationships. Unfortunately, it was her own love life that dragged her down.

Craig, whom Glennon noted as the perfect husband, confessed to her that he had been unfaithful during their marriage. The revelation came just a week before she was to go on a book promotional tour.

To cover up Craig’s infidelity, Glennon publicly announced that she and her spouse were divorcing after going through a therapy session. The couple finally separated in 2016. Glennon said of their marriage:

“You can be broken and then you can rebuild yourself piece by piece. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t adjust to your old life anymore.”

Craig and Glennon are still co-parenting their three children. Divorce hasn’t stopped the famous author from being a wonderful mother to her children, who have grown into unique individuals.


While Chase and Amma’s interests are yet to be discovered, Tish’s interests go far beyond her siblings. According to Glennon, she is well aware of Tish’s singing talent and is proud of her for following her passion.

Tish has shown her genius, and while she doesn’t have her scene yet, she won’t be ignored. She wowed her followers by posting audio recordings of her amazing voice on Instagram with her favorite artists.

Tish, who adores the music of Lucy Dacus, covered her song “Brando” in a video uploaded on February 27, 2022. In another beautiful clip posted the following month, she sang “All Too Well”, the hit to Taylor Swift success.

According to Glennon, Tish is a huge Taylor Swift fan. The proud mother shared that she noticed her 16-year-old daughter listening to the pop star’s music before bed on several occasions.

Tish not only showed off her beautiful voice in public, but she also used it to promote body positivity.

Tish works to develop a dual talent, like Taylor’s, in singing and playing guitar. She eventually convinced her mother and her mother’s partner, Abby Wambach, to enroll her in voice lessons.

Tish’s incredible artistry has made Glennon, Abby and Craig proud, and the trio will continue to encourage her to develop her music. Glennon said his daughter’s beautiful voice was always present in their home.

Glennon expressed her gratitude to Taylor, noting that she encouraged her daughter to pursue a career in music. Abby also took to social media to praise Taylor, who was thrilled with Tish’s skills.

Tish not only showed off her beautiful voice in public, but she also used it to promote body positivity. When she was 10, she wrote a handwritten petition asking magazines to include more diverse body shapes.

She also pointed out that women should be treated equally in the written petition. Tish’s early understanding of the importance of women’s rights left Glennon speechless.

The mother-of-three has encouraged other mums to talk to their daughters about the reality of body image and the fact that what they see on TV and read in publications is unrealistic.


Tish has a great relationship with her stepmom, Abby, whom Glennon married in 2017. She recently celebrated Mother’s Day by paying tribute to her two gorgeous moms on Instagram.

The adorable teenager noted that she felt like a winner because she had two amazing moms. While being a second mom, Abby also coaches Tish’s soccer team alongside Craig.

Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle with Chase, Amma and Tish Melton during the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 between Spain and USA on June 24, 2019 in Reims, France. | Source: Getty Images

Abby, a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion, said she and her stepchildren communicate constantly. She previously admired Tish for her thoughtfulness with her pronouns.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist also applauded her daughter-in-law’s teacher, who quizzed students on their parents’ favorite pronouns on the first day of school.

Meanwhile, Abby revealed that living with and co-parenting Glennon and Craig’s children has brought her unexpected pleasure. Raising her stepchildren changed her outlook on life.

She was previously married to soccer player Sarah Huffman for three years until their divorce in 2016. Abby revealed she didn’t know how to become a mother and lacked maternal instincts.

Like Glennon, Abby has had her fair share of reckless misadventures and battled addiction in the past. Now sober, she said Glennon’s kids taught her everything. She now gives priority to her blended family.

Abby, who describes herself as a “bonus mum”, said being welcomed into Glennon’s family was her greatest gift. She thanked Craig for allowing children to love her.


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