To attract seasonal workers, the hotel and catering industry is moving to a four-day week



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As summer is fast approaching, hotel and restaurant professionals are continuing to recruit for the season. Companies are stepping up their efforts to attract candidates to the point of offering a day off on Sunday as well as a four-day week, unprecedented in this sector.

You may be one of the lucky ones who give yourself a three-day weekend for May 1st. Sunny days are coming, and with summer, dinners on the terrace or hotel stays. It is still necessary to have staff to animate all these places. Last summer, 200,000 jobs were vacant in the hotel and catering industry. Companies are stepping up their efforts to attract and retain their workforce, in particular with profit-sharing bonuses, but also the four-day week, unprecedented in this sector.

A day of rest on Sunday, “unheard of” in catering

In a building from the beginning of the 20th century, the gourmet restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Seine. In the kitchen, the staff are busy. “There are about fifteen people working in the kitchen. Since this year, they have been working four days a week”, explains Jérôme Crépatte, the owner of the Corniche estate.

Four days of work instead of five for the teams in the kitchen and in the dining room. To offer them a little extra rest, the restaurant now closes on Sundays in addition to the start of the week. Quentin is in the kitchen, he is delighted with this new rhythm for the same number of hours and the same salary. “Sundays, in catering, are unheard of. In general, we had Mondays and Tuesdays.”

In addition to retaining his employees, Jérôme Crépatte also hopes to hire more staff. “We are between six and eight people missing on all the cases. Faced with great recruitment difficulties, we said to ourselves ‘we have to dare to do things differently’. Now, we are receiving CVs even though there are some time ago, we did not receive any, “he says. There remains a challenge for the domain, maintaining its turnover while the gourmet menu has been replaced by a Sunday brunch.


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