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TRANSFORM – The magazine for gender-aware evaluation – Issue 25, May 2023 | Works



Produced by the Independent Evaluation Service of the Independent Evaluation and Oversight Services, “TRANSFORM – The Magazine of Gender-Responsive Evaluation” features UN Women’s corporate evaluations and meta-synthesis, as well as questions specifically devoted to gender-responsive evaluation.

UN Women regularly evaluates its own work to strengthen accountability, inform decision-making and contribute to learning about gender equality. TRANSFORM uses data visualization and concise evaluation recommendations to highlight good practices and lessons learned about what works for gender equality for transformative change.

This issue of TRANSFORM features the recent “Institutional Assessment of UN Women’s Contribution to Women’s Economic Empowerment by Advancing Gender-Responsive Laws, Frameworks, Policies and Partnerships”. UN Women’s work on women’s economic empowerment has a broad and ambitious mandate and aims to strengthen women’s economic rights and meet urgent global needs. The institutional thematic evaluation was undertaken to assess the relevance, effectiveness, coherence, efficiency and sustainability of UN Women’s contributions to women’s economic empowerment by advancing laws, frameworks, policies and gender-sensitive partnerships, and offers recommendations and ideas for strengthening this area of ​​action. work.



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