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Travel ban for Russian IT workers “unnecessary” – ministry – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



Lawmakers reportedly want to introduce more restrictions on working from abroad ‘in the near future’

Moscow should not impose any travel bans on information technology (IT) specialists, Maksut Shadaev, head of Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Media, said on Wednesday. The ministry considers such limitations to be detrimental to the industry, he said.

Shadaev’s comments came amid media reports of a legislative initiative that would ban those employed in IT from traveling abroad and working from there.

“We believe that any restriction is unnecessary”, said the minister, adding that “they could even be harmful in the current circumstances.” Instead, economic stimuli are needed to encourage Russians to stay and work in their home country, he added.

“What we mean is…that those who left [Russia] can come to work comfortably or just continue to work for the Russian companies from where they are,” Shadaev explained.

Earlier this month, his ministry also criticized another reported move to completely ban Russians from working remotely from abroad.

“Introduction of a total ban [on remote work from abroad] could slow down the rate of development of digital platforms and solutions, negatively affecting their competitiveness,” said the Ministry of Communication in a Telegram article at the time.

RTVI media had reported that a ban could be introduced in the State Duma “in the near future,” quoting Russian Senator Andrey Klishas. Some media then said that the ban could be approved by the end of the year. No bill has yet been presented to legislators.

Forbes reported in September that about 6% of Russian IT professionals had left their homeland for other countries. Other media have linked the “Exodus” to the ongoing conflict between Moscow and kyiv. A survey by Ventra HR and cited by Forbes, however, showed that most of those who left did so before 2022.

Another six percent of Russian IT specialists told Ventra that they had moved to other parts of the country, while 25% said they were considering some sort of relocation in the future.

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