Tried an at-home shine treatment for shinier hair

I decided to test celebrity stylist Kristin Ess’ Signature Hair Gloss in the shade Bittersweet for this review. You can see in the photo above what my hair looked like before the gloss. My natural color is a reddish, dark brown. I had never used a shine hair treatment before, so I was very careful when mixing the formulas. It comes with two pre-measured bottles and gloves for any other beginners wondering. You pour one into the other, give it a little shake and you’re good to go. It’s labeled as an in-shower treatment, but I definitely had to turn off the water and step outside to let it sit for 20 minutes. I should also note that it can definitely get messy, so be prepared for that.

Once I applied the entire bottle of gloss to wet hair and let it sit, I hopped in the shower and shampooed and conditioned as usual. I really loved the results. The gloss added a lot of vibrancy and shine to my natural color that I will fully admit wasn’t there before. It almost looked like I dyed my hair a rich dark cherry shade and lived for it. You can’t see a dramatic difference in the photo above, but the results are definitely there, and I think it added the perfect amount of extra color I was looking for. My only downside is that my hair had a bit of an odd quality to it after using the shine and conditioner. (It was probably due to color deposits.) I hope it won’t affect my hair too much, but overall this gloss is a great at-home option for those who want to enhance their natural hue or for those who color their hair. Hair. You can see my results and check out some other great at-home options below.


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