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Two dead in Ukrainian strike against Russian border region – RT Russia and the former Soviet Union



A Ukrainian artillery strike in the Russian region of Bryansk early Sunday morning left at least two people dead and several injured, several houses were damaged and destroyed, according to local governor Aleksandr Bogomaz.

Ukrainian armed forces targeted a village in the Suzemsky district about 10 km from the border shortly after midnight, the governor said in a Telegram message.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the strike by Ukrainian nationalists, two civilians were killed,” Bogomaz wrote.

Videos from the scene, shared by local residents, show first responders working to rescue victims from the remains of a collapsed cottage. The official said at least one residential building was completely destroyed and two other houses damaged.

Bryansk and other Russian regions bordering Ukraine have come under regular attack as part of the ongoing conflict with kyiv. Most of the incidents involved cross-border artillery and mortar fire, as well as drone strikes.

The Bryansk region also suffered a major Ukrainian terrorist attack in early March, when a group of gunmen entered Russian territory before attacking civilians and planting explosive devices. Two people were killed in the assault and a ten-year-old boy was injured.

Responsibility for the incursion was claimed by the Ukraine-based “Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK)”, a neo-Nazi unit believed to be made up of far-right activists and incorporated into Ukraine’s armed forces. Kyiv denied responsibility for the attack and claimed it was a “provocation,” even though one of the neo-Nazi fighters involved in the raid told the Financial Times that kyiv had “sign” above.

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