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Uber Eats driver says he earned $0.37 for four hours of work

An Uber Eats driver has gone viral claiming he earned a meager $0.37 for four hours of work.

The driver, who withheld his name for privacy reasons, told Insider he made $30.97 in eight deliveries but then had to refuel, which cost $30.60.

The courier’s account has gone viral on the Reddit page r/antiwork, where people post about suffering at work. His post garnered nearly 20,000 upvotes.

The Texas driver said only three of the eight customers he gave tipped.

Now he quit driving for Uber after just a few shifts, saying it wasn’t worth it.

“I hope other people can maybe save their time and money by not falling in love with Uber Eats,” he told Insider.

“And considering the depreciation of my car, it cost me money to drive for Uber Eats,” he wrote in his Reddit post.

Uber told The Post that this driver’s experience is not common.

“While earnings may vary based on demand and other factors, the experience described here is not typical. Thousands of people choose to partner with Uber Eats to earn extra money in a flexible,” spokeswoman Alix Anfang said in a statement.

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